Riot Brrrain Artist Notes

Creative Team on Riot Brrrain

Sarah Pultz, Dramaturg

No setup, no stasis, no ordinary world. Just a fractured portrayal of a journey with no real beginning, and no real end. This is Teddy’s Journey. For the brief period of time that you’ve been watching this play, you’ve gotten a glimpse into their mind. Instead of a linear timeline, we see memories, patterns, and cycles all woven into one another.  Because honestly, who thinks linearly? How many of you go through your day, fully present at each and every moment? I’d argue very few of you. For most of us, our lives are interrupted by thoughts, memories, daydreams, etc. It takes an outside force to pull you back into the present. Sometimes that outside force is Neurosyphilis. Teddy’s journey could be anybody’s journey; a battle with illness, love, acceptance, and identity. And when you’re at risk of Neurosyphilis, how much do you care about being chronological? In the end, is Teddy really that different from you, your friends, or your loved ones? Think about it. No really, go home and think about it. Because when it comes down to it, only you can interpret what the fuck you just watched.