Riot Brrrain Reviews

Riot Brrrain at Capital Fringe Festival 2018 Reviews

"Teddy is bisexual and nonbinary gender, but Riot Brrrain feels like a post-gender play; for once, the entire runtime isn’t taken up explaining the main character’s identity, and it was refreshing simply to see Teddy’s story unfold without afterschool-special moments about coming out and acceptance (though the play still took some swings at bi-phobia in the queer world)."

"The strength of their vision was apparent in the seamless experience they created from the moment you walk in the door of Blind Whino’s mural-splashed Turquoise Room, reverberating with a playlist of indie punk, and sit down to flip through the ‘zine-style program."

Riot Brrrain is an experiment, and mostly a successful one. If nothing else, it is one of the most personal and honest shows being staged as part of this year’s Fringe Festival."

“Time jumps around throughout the 80-minute show, and members of the ensemble each play multiple characters, so it is often hard to tell exactly what is happening to Teddy when. This is intentional, and while it is disorienting, it is effective. Their mind is an overactive jumble, and that’s what we see. Teddy sums it up toward the end of the show, putting a spin on their preferred pronoun: “I’m a ‘they.’ There are hundreds of versions of me.”

"And you get a sense that this relentlessly modern story has an old-school principle at its heart: when you find someone who loves you as yourself in all your glory and strangeness, and puts aside all the irrelevant and nonsensical sexual categories and expectations, you should ride that love as hard and long as you can."